Use case

Secrets management

Centrally store, access, and deploy secrets across applications, systems, and infrastructure.


Eliminate hard-coded credentials, keys, and tokens across different clouds and environments

Infrastructure has become both ephemeral and elastic, IP addresses are dynamic, and the network perimeter is no longer distinct. This strains traditional network-based approaches to security. Instead, modern security posture assumes a “low trust” network, where it's assumed a network breach will occur.

This new posture pushes for a more integrated approach to security, where access to systems and endpoints is explicitly managed, instead of implicitly granted by virtue of being on a private network. Instead of using IPs as a unit of access, applications are given an identity that allows us to handle the ephemeral and elastic nature of cloud infrastructure.


Manage secrets and protect sensitive data with Vault

In a low-trust network, it becomes critical to manage secrets that provide access to applications, systems, and endpoints. Application data must also be protected, and not stored in plaintext in databases or other network-attached storage. This drives the need for centralized secret management and application middleware for key management and data encryption.

To learn more about how development teams can get started with centralized secrets lifecycle management, check out our HCP Vault Secrets offering, now in public beta.

Dan McTeer Adobe HashiConf 2017
Dan McTeer Adobe HashiConf 2017
Customer case study

Using Vault to protect Adobe's secrets and user data across clouds and datacenters

Securing secrets and application data is a complex task for globally distributed organizations. For Adobe, managing secrets for over 20 products across 100,000 hosts, four regions, and trillions of transactions annually requires a different approach altogether.

  • 100

    trillion transactions with HashiCorp Vault

  • 100K

    hosts globally

  • 12

    Vault clusters globally

All of the power and security of Vault — without the complexity and overhead of managing it yourself

HCP Vault is built around making cloud security automation simple. Get up and running instantly and onboard applications and teams easily.

Introduction to HashiCorp Vault

In this whiteboard video, Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp's Co-Founder and CTO, explains what is Vault and how it works.

Armon Dadgar