» Vault Operations

Vault Operations guides address Vault infrastructure discussions. These guides are designed to help the operations team to plan and install a Vault cluster that meets your organization's needs.

  • Production Hardening guide provides guidance on best practices for a production hardened deployment of Vault. The recommendations are based on the security model and focus on defense in depth.
  • Replication Setup & Guidance walks you through the commands to activate the Vault servers in replication mode. Please note that Vault Replication is a Vault Enterprise feature.
  • Root Token Generation guide demonstrates the workflow of regenerating root tokens. It is considered to be a best practice not to persist the initial root token. If a root token needs to be regenerated, this guide helps you walk through the task.
  • Rekeying & Rotating guide provides a high-level overview of Shamir's Secret Sharing Algorithm, and how to perform rekey and rotate operations in Vault.
  • Building Plugin Backends guide provides steps to build, register, and mount non-database external plugin backends.