» Vault Configuration

This guide walks you through Vault configuration topics.

  • Policies are used to instrument Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) by specifying access privileges. Authoring of policies is probably the first step the Vault administrator performs. This guide walks you through creating example policies for admin and provisioner users.
  • AppRole Pull Authentication guide that introduces the steps to generate tokens for machines or apps by enabling AppRole auth backend.
  • Token and Leases guide helps you understand how tokens and leases work in Vault. The understanding of the lease hierarchy and expiration mechanism helps you plan for break glass procedures and more.
  • Root Token Generation guide demonstrates the workflow of regenerating root tokens. It is considered to be a best practice not to persist the initial root token. If a root token needs to be regenerated, this guide helps you walk through the task.
  • Rekeying & Rotating guide provides a high-level overview of Shamir's Secret Sharing Algorithm, and how to perform rekey and rotate operations in Vault.
  • Building Plugin Backends guide provides steps to build, register, and mount non-database external plugin backends.