This page contains the list of deprecations and important or breaking changes for Vault 1.2.4 compared to 1.2.3. Please read it carefully.

Detached Leases From Tokens in non-root Namespaces

In a non-root namespace, revocation of a token scoped to a non-root namespace did not trigger the expected revocation of dynamic secret leases associated with that token. As a result, dynamic secret leases in non-root namespaces may outlive the token that created them. This vulnerability, CVE-2019-18616, affects Vault Enterprise 0.11.0 and newer.

Mount Filtering in Disaster Recovery Secondary Clusters

Disaster Recovery secondary clusters did not delete already-replicated data after a mount filter has been created on an upstream Performance secondary cluster. As a result, encrypted secrets may remain replicated on a Disaster Recovery secondary cluster after application of a mount filter excluding those secrets from replication. This vulnerability, CVE-2019-18617, affects Vault Enterprise 0.8 and newer.

Golang crypto/dsa CVE

Update version of Go to 1.12.12 to fix Go bug golang.org/issue/34960 which corresponds to CVE-2019-17596.

AWS Region Detection in Agent and CLI

If a custom sts_endpoint is configured, Vault Agent and the CLI should provide the corresponding region via the region parameter (which already existed as a CLI parameter, and has now been added to Agent). The automatic region detection added to the CLI and Agent in 1.2 has been removed.