»Plugin Portal

This page contains a curated collection of official, partner, and community Vault plugins.

For more information about plugin development, refer to this documentation section and this Learn Guide.


Official plugins are supported and maintained by HashiCorp. Unless indicated otherwise, these plugins are available directly in the Vault binary, but they can also be built and registered to Vault as external plugins if necessary.

If a plugin exists separately under its own repository, follow the instructions within that repository to develop, test, and build the plugin. If a repository exists within the Vault repository, the plugin can be built as instructed in here.





Partner plugins are developed by HashiCorp partners that have been vetted and reviewed by HashiCorp.



Community plugins are developed by community members. Compatibility and stability guarantees on these plugins are established by their authors.

Plugin authors who wish to have their plugins listed may file a submission via a GitHub issue or directly open a pull request with changes to this page.