Raft Storage Backend

The Raft storage backend is used to persist Vault's data. Unlike other storage backends, Raft storage does not operate from a single source of data. Instead all the nodes in a Vault cluster will have a replicated copy of Vault's data. Data gets replicated across the all the nodes via the Raft Consensus Algorithm.

  • High Availability – the Raft storage backend supports high availability.

  • HashiCorp Supported – the Raft storage backend is officially supported by HashiCorp.

storage "raft" {
  path = "/path/to/raft/data"
  node_id = "raft_node_1"
cluster_addr = ""

Note: When using the Raft storage backend, it is required to provide cluster_addr to indicate the address and port to be used for communication between the nodes in the Raft cluster.

raft Parameters

  • path (string: "") – The file system path where all the Vault data gets stored. This value can be overridden by setting the VAULT_RAFT_PATH environment variable.

  • node_id (string: "") - The identifier for the node in the Raft cluster. This value can be overridden by setting the VAULT_RAFT_NODE_ID environment variable.