»MSSQL Storage Backend

The MSSQL storage backend is used to persist Vault's data in a Microsoft SQL Server.

  • No High Availability – the MSSQL storage backend does not support high availability.

  • Community Supported – the MSSQL storage backend is supported by the community. While it has undergone review by HashiCorp employees, they may not be as knowledgeable about the technology. If you encounter problems with them, you may be referred to the original author.

storage "mssql" {
  server = "localhost"
  port = 1433
  username = "user1234"
  password = "secret123!"
  database = "vault"
  table = "vault"
  appname = "vault"
  schema = "dbo"
  connectionTimeout = 30
  logLevel = 0

»mssql Parameters

  • server (string: <required>) – host or host\instance.

  • port (int: 1433) – Specifies the port of the MSSQL host.

  • username (string: "") - enter the SQL Server Authentication user id or the Windows Authentication user id in the DOMAIN\User format. On Windows, if user id is empty or missing Single-Sign-On is used.

  • password (string: "") – specifies the MSSQL password to connect to the database.

  • database (string: "Vault") – Specifies the name of the database. If the database does not exist, Vault will attempt to create it.

  • table (string: "Vault") – Specifies the name of the table. If the table does not exist, Vault will attempt to create it.

  • schema (string: "dbo") – Specifies the name of the schema. If the schema does not exist, Vault will attempt to create it.

  • appname (string: "Vault") – the application name.

  • connectionTimeout (int: 30) – in seconds (default is 30).

  • logLevel (int: 0) – logging flags (default 0/no logging, 63 for full logging) .

  • max_parallel (string: "128") – Specifies the maximum number of concurrent requests to MSSQL.

»mssql Examples

»Custom Database, Table and Schema

This example shows configuring the MSSQL backend to use a custom database and table name.

storage "mssql" {
  database = "my-vault"
  table    = "vault-data"
  schema   = "vlt"
  username = "user1234"
  password = "pass5678"