token renew

The token renew renews a token's lease, extending the amount of time it can be used. If a TOKEN is not provided, the locally authenticated token is used. Lease renewal will fail if the token is not renewable, the token has already been revoked, or if the token has already reached its maximum TTL.


Renew a token (this uses the /auth/token/renew endpoint and permission):

$ vault token renew 96ddf4bc-d217-f3ba-f9bd-017055595017

Renew the currently authenticated token (this uses the /auth/token/renew-self endpoint and permission):

$ vault token renew

Renew a token requesting a specific increment value:

$ vault token renew -increment=30m 96ddf4bc-d217-f3ba-f9bd-017055595017


The following flags are available in addition to the standard set of flags included on all commands.

Output Options

  • -format (default: "table") - Print the output in the given format. Valid formats are "table", "json", or "yaml". This can also be specified via the VAULT_FORMAT environment variable.

Command Options

  • -increment (duration: "") - Request a specific increment for renewal. Vault is not required to honor this request. If not supplied, Vault will use the default TTL. This is specified as a numeric string with suffix like "30s" or "5m". This is aliased as "-i".