The token command groups subcommands for interacting with tokens. Users can create, lookup, renew, and revoke tokens.

For more information on tokens, please see the token concepts page.


Create a new token:

$ vault token create

Revoke a token:

$ vault token revoke 96ddf4bc-d217-f3ba-f9bd-017055595017

Renew a token:

$ vault token renew 96ddf4bc-d217-f3ba-f9bd-017055595017


Usage: vault token <subcommand> [options] [args]

  # ...

    capabilities    Print capabilities of a token on a path
    create          Create a new token
    lookup          Display information about a token
    renew           Renew a token lease
    revoke          Revoke a token and its children

For more information, examples, and usage about a subcommand, click on the name of the subcommand in the sidebar.