»plugin reload

The plugin reload command is used to reload mounted plugin backends. Either the plugin name (plugin) or the desired plugin backend mounts (mounts) must be provided, but not both.


Reload a plugin:

$ vault plugin reload -plugin my-custom-plugin
Success! Reloaded plugin: my-custom-plugin
$ vault plugin reload -plugin my-custom-pluginSuccess! Reloaded plugin: my-custom-plugin


The following flags are available in addition to the standard set of flags included on all commands.

»Command Options

  • -plugin (string: "") - The name of the plugin to reload, as registered in the plugin catalog.

  • -mounts (array: []) - Array or comma-separated string mount paths of the plugin backends to reload.

  • -scope (string: "") - The scope of the reload. For local reloads, omit this flag. For reloads that span multiple Vault clusters, use global.