»plugin info

The plugin info displays information about a plugin in the catalog. The plugin's type of "auth", "database", or "secret" must be included.


Display information about a plugin

$ vault plugin info auth my-custom-plugin

Key        Value
---        -----
args       []
builtin    false
command    my-custom-plugin
name       my-custom-plugin
sha256     d3f0a8be02f6c074cf38c9c99d4d04c9c6466249
$ vault plugin info auth my-custom-plugin
Key        Value---        -----args       []builtin    falsecommand    my-custom-pluginname       my-custom-pluginsha256     d3f0a8be02f6c074cf38c9c99d4d04c9c6466249


The following flags are available in addition to the standard set of flags included on all commands.

»Output Options

  • -field (string: "") - Print only the field with the given name. Specifying this option will take precedence over other formatting directives. The result will not have a trailing newline making it ideal for piping to other processes.

  • -format (string: "table") - Print the output in the given format. Valid formats are "table", "json", or "yaml". This can also be specified via the VAULT_FORMAT environment variable.