»operator rotate

The operator rotate rotates the underlying encryption key which is used to secure data written to the storage backend. This installs a new key in the key ring. This new key is used to encrypted new data, while older keys in the ring are used to decrypt older data.

This is an online operation and does not cause downtime. This command is run per-cluster (not per-server), since Vault servers in HA mode share the same storage backend.


Rotate Vault's encryption key:

$ vault operator rotate
Key Term        3
Install Time    01 May 17 10:30 UTC
$ vault operator rotateKey Term        3Install Time    01 May 17 10:30 UTC


The following flags are available in addition to the standard set of flags included on all commands.

»Output Options

  • -format (string: "table") - Print the output in the given format. Valid formats are "table", "json", or "yaml". This can also be specified via the VAULT_FORMAT environment variable.