»lease revoke

The lease revoke command revokes the lease on a secret, invalidating the underlying secret.


Revoke a lease:

$ vault lease revoke database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83
Success! Revoked lease: database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83
$ vault lease revoke database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83Success! Revoked lease: database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83

Revoke a lease which starts with a prefix:

$ vault lease revoke -prefix database/creds
Success! Revoked any leases with prefix: database/creds
$ vault lease revoke -prefix database/credsSuccess! Revoked any leases with prefix: database/creds


The following flags are available in addition to the standard set of flags included on all commands.

  • -force (bool: false) - Delete the lease from Vault even if the secret engine revocation fails. This is meant for recovery situations where the secret in the target secrets engine was manually removed. If this flag is specified, -prefix is also required. This is aliased as "-f". The default is false.

  • -prefix (bool: false) - Treat the ID as a prefix instead of an exact lease ID. This can revoke multiple leases simultaneously. The default is false.

  • -sync (bool: false) - Make the operation synchronous instead of queuing the revocations to be done in the background.