»lease renew

The lease renew command renews the lease on a secret, extending the time that it can be used before it is revoked by Vault.

Every secret in Vault has a lease associated with it. If the owner of the secret wants to use it longer than the lease, then it must be renewed. Renewing the lease does not change the contents of the secret.


Renew a lease:

$ vault lease renew database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83
Success! Revoked lease: database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83


The following flags are available in addition to the standard set of flags included on all commands.

  • -increment (duration: "") - Request a specific increment in seconds. Vault is not required to honor this request.