»lease lookup

The lease lookup command retrieves information on the lease of a secret.

Every secret in Vault has a lease associated with it. Users can look up information on the lease by referencing the lease ID.


Lookup a lease:

$ vault lease lookup database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83
Key             Value
---             -----
expire_time     2021-03-17T11:55:50.755313-05:00
id              database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83
issue_time      2021-03-17T11:45:50.755312-05:00
last_renewal    <nil>
renewable       true
ttl             9m52s
$ vault lease lookup database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83Key             Value---             -----expire_time     2021-03-17T11:55:50.755313-05:00id              database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83issue_time      2021-03-17T11:45:50.755312-05:00last_renewal    <nil>renewable       truettl             9m52s


There are no flags beyond the standard set of flags included on all commands.