The lease command groups subcommands for interacting with leases attached to secrets. For leases attached to tokens, use the vault token subcommand.


Renew a lease:

$ vault lease renew database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83
Key                Value
---                -----
lease_id           database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83
lease_duration     5m
lease_renewable    true

Revoke a lease:

$ vault lease revoke database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83
Success! Revoked lease: database/creds/readonly/27e1b9a1-27b8-83d9-9fe0-d99d786bdc83


Usage: vault lease <subcommand> [options] [args]

  # ...

    renew     Renews the lease of a secret
    revoke    Revokes leases and secrets

For more information, examples, and usage about a subcommand, click on the name of the subcommand in the sidebar.