»kv list

The kv list command returns a list of key names at the specified location. Folders are suffixed with /. The input must be a folder; list on a file will not return a value. Note that no policy-based filtering is performed on keys; do not encode sensitive information in key names. The values themselves are not accessible via this command.

Use this command to list all existing key names at a specific path.


List values under the key "my-app":

$ vault kv list secret/my-app/
$ vault kv list secret/my-app/Keys----admin_credsdomaineng_credsqa_credsrelease


There are no flags beyond the standard set of flags included on all commands.

»Output Options

  • -format (string: "table") - Print the output in the given format. Valid formats are "table", "json", or "yaml". This can also be specified via the VAULT_FORMAT environment variable.