auth list

The auth list command lists the auth methods enabled. The output lists the enabled auth methods and options for those methods.


List all auth methods:

$ vault auth list
Path         Type        Description
----         ----        -----------
token/       token       token based credentials
userpass/    userpass    n/a

List detailed auth method information:

$ vault auth list -detailed
Path         Type        Accessor                  Plugin    Default TTL    Max TTL    Replication    Description
----         ----        --------                  ------    -----------    -------    -----------    -----------
token/       token       auth_token_b2166f9e       n/a       system         system     replicated     token based credentials
userpass/    userpass    auth_userpass_eea6507e    n/a       system         system     replicated     n/a


The following flags are available in addition to the standard set of flags included on all commands.

Output Options

  • -format (string: "table") - Print the output in the given format. Valid formats are "table", "json", or "yaml". This can also be specified via the VAULT_FORMAT environment variable.

Command Options

  • -detailed (bool: false) - Print detailed information such as configuration and replication status about each auth method.