» audit

The audit command groups subcommands for interacting with Vault's audit devices. Users can list, enable, and disable audit devices.

For more information, please see the audit device documentation

» Examples

Enable an audit device:

$ vault audit enable file file_path=/tmp/my-file.txt
Success! Enabled the file audit device at: file/

List all audit devices:

$ vault audit list
Path     Type    Description
----     ----    -----------
file/    file    n/a

Disable an audit device:

$ vault audit disable file/
Success! Disabled audit device (if it was enabled) at: file/

» Usage

Usage: vault audit <subcommand> [options] [args]

  # ...

    disable    Disables an audit device
    enable     Enables an audit device
    list       Lists enabled audit devices

For more information, examples, and usage about a subcommand, click on the name of the subcommand in the sidebar.