The audit command groups subcommands for interacting with Vault's audit devices. Users can list, enable, and disable audit devices.

For more information, please see the audit device documentation


Enable an audit device:

$ vault audit enable file file_path=/tmp/my-file.txt
Success! Enabled the file audit device at: file/

List all audit devices:

$ vault audit list
Path     Type    Description
----     ----    -----------
file/    file    n/a

Disable an audit device:

$ vault audit disable file/
Success! Disabled audit device (if it was enabled) at: file/


Usage: vault audit <subcommand> [options] [args]

  # ...

    disable    Disables an audit device
    enable     Enables an audit device
    list       Lists enabled audit devices

For more information, examples, and usage about a subcommand, click on the name of the subcommand in the sidebar.