»Syslog Audit Device

The syslog audit device writes audit logs to syslog.

It currently does not support a configurable syslog destination, and always sends to the local agent. This device is only supported on Unix systems, and should not be enabled if any standby Vault instances do not support it.


Audit syslog device can be enabled by the following command:

$ vault audit enable syslog
$ vault audit enable syslog

Supply configuration parameters via K=V pairs:

$ vault audit enable syslog tag="vault" facility="AUTH"
$ vault audit enable syslog tag="vault" facility="AUTH"


  • facility (string: "AUTH") - The syslog facility to use.

  • tag (string: "vault") - The syslog tag to use.

  • log_raw (bool: false) - If enabled, logs the security sensitive information without hashing, in the raw format.

  • hmac_accessor (bool: true) - If enabled, enables the hashing of token accessor.

  • mode (string: "0600") - A string containing an octal number representing the bit pattern for the file mode, similar to chmod.

  • format (string: "json") - Allows selecting the output format. Valid values are "json" and "jsonx", which formats the normal log entries as XML.

  • prefix (string: "") - A customizable string prefix to write before the actual log line.