»Vault Agent Template Config

Template Config configures Vault Agent behavior common to all template stanzas.

For template-specific rendering configuration, refer to the parameters within the template stanza.


The template_config stanza configures overall default behavior for the templating engine. Note that template_config can only be defined once, and is different from the template stanza. Unlike template which focuses on where and how a specific secret is rendered, template_config contains parameters affecting how the templating engine as a whole behaves and its interaction with the rest of Agent. This includes, but is not limited to, program exit behavior. Other parameters that apply to the templating engine as a whole may be added over time.

»Interaction between exit_on_retry_failure and error_on_missing_key

The parameter error_on_missing_key can be specified within the template stanza which determines if a template should error when a key is missing in the secret. When error_on_missing_key is not specified or set to false and the key to render is not in the secret's response, the templating engine will ignore it (or render "<no value>") and continue on with its rendering.

If the desire is to have Agent fail and exit on a missing key, both template.error_on_missing_key and template_config.exit_on_retry_failure must be set to true. Otherwise, the templating engine will error and render to its destination, but agent will not exit and will retry until the key exists or until the process is terminated.

Note that a missing key from a secret's response is different from a missing or non-existent secret. The templating engine will always error if a secret is missing, but will only error for a missing key if error_on_missing_key is set. Whether Vault Agent will exit when the templating engine errors depends on the value of exit_on_retry_failure.


The top level template_config block has the following configuration entries:

  • exit_on_retry_failure (bool: false) - This option configures Vault Agent to exit after it has exhausted its number of template retry attempts due to failures.

  • static_secret_render_interval (string or integer: 5m) - If specified, configures how often Vault Agent Template should render non-leased secrets such as KV v2. This setting will not change how often Vault Agent Templating renders leased secrets.