»Vault Agent Auto-Auth File Sink

The file sink writes tokens, optionally response-wrapped and/or encrypted, to a file. This may be a local file or a file mapped via some other process (NFS, Gluster, CIFS, etc.).

Once the sink writes the file, it is up to the client to control lifecycle; generally it is best for the client to remove the file as soon as it is seen.

It is also best practice to write the file to a ramdisk, ideally an encrypted ramdisk, and use appropriate filesystem permissions. The file is currently written with 0640 permissions as default, but can be overridden with the optional 'mode' setting.


  • path (string: required) - The path to use to write the token file
  • mode (int: optional) - A string containing an octal number representing the bit pattern for the file mode, similar to chmod. Set to 0000 to prevent Vault from modifying the file mode. Note: This configuration option is only available in Vault 1.3.0 and above.