»Vault Agent Auto-Auth Kerberos Method

The kerberos agent provides an automated mechanism to retrieve a Vault token for Kerberos entities. It reads in configuration and identification information from the surrounding environment, and uses it to authenticate to Vault.

For more on this auth method, see the Kerberos auth method.


  • krb5conf_path (string: required) is the path to a valid krb5.conf file describing how to communicate with the Kerberos environment.
  • keytab_path (string: required) is the path to the keytab in which the entry lives for the entity authenticating to Vault. Keytab files should be protected from other users on a shared server using appropriate file permissions.
  • username (string: required) is the username for the entry within the keytab to use for logging into Kerberos. This username must match a service account in LDAP.
  • service (string: required) is the service principal name to use in obtaining a service ticket for gaining a SPNEGO token. This service must exist in LDAP.
  • realm (string: required) is the name of the Kerberos realm. This realm must match the UPNDomain configured on the LDAP connection. This check is case-sensitive.
  • disable_fast_negotiation (bool: optional) is for disabling the Kerberos auth method's default of using FAST negotiation. FAST is a pre-authentication framework for Kerberos. It includes a mechanism for tunneling pre-authentication exchanges using armoured KDC messages. FAST provides increased resistance to passive password guessing attacks. Some common Kerberos implementations do not support FAST negotiation. The default is false.