»Vault Agent Auto-Auth GCP Method

The gcp method performs authentication against the GCP Auth method. Both gce and iam authentication types are supported.


Vault will use the GCP SDK's normal credential chain behavior. You can set a static credentials value but it is usually not needed. If running on GCE using Application Default Credentials, you may need to specify the service account and project since ADC does not provide metadata used to automatically determine these.


  • type (string: required) - The type of authentication; must be gce or iam

  • role (string: required) - The role to authenticate against on Vault

  • credentials (string: optional) - When using static credentials, the contents of the JSON credentials file

  • service_account (string: optional) - The service account to use, if it cannot be automatically determined

  • project (string: optional) - The project to use, if it cannot be automatically determined

  • jwt_exp (string or int: optional) - The number of minutes a generated JWT should be valid for when using the iam method; defaults to 15 minutes