»Vault Agent Auto-Auth AppRole Method

The approle method reads in a role ID and a secret ID from files and sends the values to the AppRole Auth method.

The method caches values and it is safe to delete the role ID/secret ID files after they have been read. In fact, by default, after reading the secret ID, the agent will delete the file. New files or values written at the expected locations will be used on next authentication and the new values will be cached.


  • role_id_file_path (string: required) - The path to the file with role ID

  • secret_id_file_path (string: optional) - The path to the file with secret ID. If not set, only the role-id will be used. \ In that case, the AppRole should have bind_secret_id set to false otherwise Vault Agent wouldn't be able to login.

  • remove_secret_id_file_after_reading (bool: optional, defaults to true) - This can be set to false to disable the default behavior of removing the secret ID file after it's been read.

  • secret_id_response_wrapping_path (string: optional) - If set, the value at secret_id_file_path will be expected to be a Response-Wrapping Token containing the output of the secret ID retrieval endpoint for the role (e.g. auth/approle/role/webservers/secret-id) and the creation path for the response-wrapping token must match the value set here.