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The following list of tools is maintained by the community of Vault users; HashiCorp has not tested or approved them and makes no claims as to their suitability or security.

  • HashiCorp Vault Jenkins plugin - a Jenkins plugin for injecting Vault secrets into the build environment
  • Spring Vault - a Java Spring project for working with Vault secrets
  • vault-exec - a shell wrapper to execute arbitrary scripts using temporary AWS credentials managed by Vault
  • pouch - A set of tools to manage provisioning of secrets on hosts based on the AppRole authentication method of Vault
  • vault-aws-creds - Python helper to export Vault-provided temporary AWS creds into the environment
  • goldfish - A Vault UI panel written with VueJS and Vault native Go API.
  • vaultenv - A tool that fetches secrets in parallel, puts them into the environment and then execs the process that needs them
  • vault-migrator - A tool to migrate data between different Vault storage mechanisms
  • Cryptr - a desktop Vault UI for Mac, Windows and Linux

Want to add your own project, or one that you use? Additions are welcome via pull requests.