The /sys/unseal endpoint is used to unseal the Vault.

»Submit Unseal Key

This endpoint is used to enter a single master key share to progress the unsealing of the Vault. If the threshold number of master key shares is reached, Vault will attempt to unseal the Vault. Otherwise, this API must be called multiple times until that threshold is met.

Either the key or reset parameter must be provided; if both are provided, reset takes precedence.



  • key (string: "") – Specifies a single master key share. This is required unless reset is true.

  • reset (bool: false) – Specifies if previously-provided unseal keys are discarded and the unseal process is reset.

  • migrate (bool: false) - Available in 1.0 - Used to migrate the seal from shamir to autoseal or autoseal to shamir. Must be provided on all unseal key calls.

»Sample Payload

  "key": "abcd1234..."
{  "key": "abcd1234..."}

»Sample Request

$ curl \
    --request PUT \
    --data @payload.json \
$ curl \    --request PUT \    --data @payload.json \

»Sample Response

The "t" parameter is the threshold, and "n" is the number of shares.

  "sealed": true,
  "t": 3,
  "n": 5,
  "progress": 2,
  "version": "0.6.2"
{  "sealed": true,  "t": 3,  "n": 5,  "progress": 2,  "version": "0.6.2"}

Sample response when Vault is unsealed.

  "sealed": false,
  "t": 3,
  "n": 5,
  "progress": 0,
  "version": "0.6.2",
  "cluster_name": "vault-cluster-d6ec3c7f",
  "cluster_id": "3e8b3fec-3749-e056-ba41-b62a63b997e8"
{  "sealed": false,  "t": 3,  "n": 5,  "progress": 0,  "version": "0.6.2",  "cluster_name": "vault-cluster-d6ec3c7f",  "cluster_id": "3e8b3fec-3749-e056-ba41-b62a63b997e8"}