The /sys/internal/ui/mounts endpoint is used to manage mount listing visibility. The response generated by this endpoint is based on the listing_visibility value on the mount, which can be set during mount time or via mount tuning. This is currently only being used internally for the UI and is an unauthenticated endpoint.

Due to the nature of its intended usage, there is no guarantee on backwards compatibility for this endpoint.

»Get Available Visible Mounts

This endpoint lists all enabled auth methods.


»Sample Request

$ curl \
$ curl \

»Sample Response

  "auth": {
    "github/": {
      "description": "GitHub auth",
      "type": "github"
  "secret": {
    "custom-secrets/": {
      "description": "Custom secrets",
      "type": "kv"
{  "auth": {    "github/": {      "description": "GitHub auth",      "type": "github"    }  },  "secret": {    "custom-secrets/": {      "description": "Custom secrets",      "type": "kv"    }  }}