The sys/config/reload endpoint allows reloading specific parts of Vault's configuration. Currently, it only supports reloading license information from files on disk.



  • subsystem (string: <required>) - Specifies the subsystem for Vault to reload. This is part of the request URL.

»Reload License File

When the :subsystem URL parameter is specified as license, Vault re-reads the license file if the license was provided using the license_path configuration option or the VAULT_LICENSE_PATH environment variable. The updated license is applied to Vault, and Vault will then enable/disable licensed features if the features of the given license are different from those of the license Vault is currently using.

»Sample Request

$ curl \
  -X PUT \
  --header "X-Vault-Token: ..." \
$ curl \  -X PUT \  --header "X-Vault-Token: ..." \    ''